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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well Duh!

Source: Townhall

Maggie Gallagher has a piece up over at Townhall entitled "What I learned In The '06 Elections." Point #1...
Americans aren't anti-immigrant; they are pro-assimilation.

In Arizona, more than 70 percent of people voted for four state ballot initiatives on immigration: English as the official language, stripping illegal aliens of the right to bail, denying illegal aliens state-subsidized benefits (adult education programs and child care, among others), and denying punitive damages in lawsuits. Yet according to exit polls, when asked how they prefer to treat illegal immigrants, Arizonans picked "a path to legal status" over "deport them" 57 percent to 38 percent (I take this with a grain of salt -- ed).

But they hate it when people get away with breaking the rules. In the Weekly Standard, Frank Luntz reports: "Among the Americans who swung from the GOP to the Democrats (Republican Rejecters), 'unethical and illegal behavior going unpunished' was number two on the list (behind illegal immigration)." Let me rephrase what Luntz is saying here: Among voters who switched from the GOP to the Dems this election, illegal immigration was the No. 1 issue.
Americans are a law abiding folk, they don't like seeing the law flouted and they will go where they need to to see the law enforced. Even if it's somewhere retarded like voting for (D)'s to enforce the law! (snort!)

And Maggie? Sweetie? Retard? I think the phrase your looking for is "anti-illegal immigrant."


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