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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Out!

Source: sfgate

After the hard stance Mexico has taken against its own citizens who've entered the US illegally (snort) this was a bit of a shock (giggle)...
Mexico's Congress was swayed Tuesday by a 7-year-old boy on a mission to save his mom.

Second-grader Saul Arellano, a U.S. citizen, appeared in Mexico's 500-member Chamber of Deputies to plead for help in lobbying Washington to stop the deportation of his mother, an illegal immigrant who has taken refuge in a Chicago church. His efforts paid off with a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to suspend the deportation of Elvira Arellano and any other illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens.
It's so hard to believe, after all the tough talk about how Mexico "wasn't going to stand" for it's citizens fleeing Northward, then this? Now they support illegal immigrants from Mexico in the US?

I'll wager this was the toughest crowd poor little Saul ever played to. No really, I mean it, really.

This moment of surreality brought to you by Television Mundo! Todos Entertainment, Todos Atzlan!

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