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Monday, November 13, 2006

Head Explosion Alert!

Source: cbsnews
The 7-year-old son of an immigration activist who has taken refuge in a church to avoid deportation left for Mexico on Sunday in search of support for his mother from legislators and President Vincente Fox.

Saul Arellano, who is an American citizen, will meet with members of the Mexican House of Representatives and Senate on Tuesday in an effort to get a resolution supporting Elvira Arellano's bid to stay in the United States.
Whom is this supposed to appeal to exactly? Or, what American is reading this and nodding their head going 'yeah, what we need is more meddling from Mexico?"

This feels incredibly stupid to me, much like the gran estupido marches that blew up in the illegals faces. What's the object here, are they really trying to sell the story line that Mexico isn't doing enough for illegal immigrants in this country?

I mean yes, I fully expect the president to break down into the weepies when he hears this story as he's pretty clearly confused over what country he has been elected to represent. But how do they, the illegal immigrant supporters, see this redounding to their benefit?

That's what I can't figure.

H/T Hot Air

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