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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Threat of Escalating Lawlessness

I live in the sanctuary city of Chicago, where a person's immigration status is a taboo subject when it comes to "law enforcement." This is also the city where illegal alien/activist/SS fraud convict -- oh, yeah, and mom -- Elvira Arellano has taken sanctuary inside a church in defiance of a deportation order.

Think back to the marches of earlier this year when illegal aliens and their supporters took to the streets to demand amnesty. There are already places in this country where lawlessness is winning out because of the invasion of illegal aliens.

I recently posted about Elvira's son, Saul, traveling to Mexico yesterday to petition for help from the Mexican government. Last night I found further coverage (with video) at CBS2 Chicago. That's where I found this:
Elvira Arellano says she's very happy about what her son is doing to help her, but she fears she may be arrested and deported while he's gone. It's a fear shared by her son, but her supporters here in Chicago say they will not let that happen.
Her supporters say they will not let that (Elvira's arrest and deportation) happen. That is open and threatening defiance of the law! And before you shift uncomfortably in your seat and tell me that's probably not what they meant, remember that we've spent time down there. We've been to this church on a number of occasions since this happened. Not only would threatening not be a leap, it's already a state of mind. We've been told that we'd better "watch our backs" by several of Elvira's supporters -- including the assistant pastor of the church!

So, I'm picturing a crowd of people blocking the door so ICE can't get in to enforce Elvira's deporation order. This is exactly what they want to happen, of course, so they can wail and scream and cry foul when the authorities have to use force to do their job. The perpetual victims will always be just that in their own eyes, even as they continue to take steps toward the lawlessness they have planned for our country.

My question is this: WHY ARE WE ALLOWING IT?

And what does it say about our country and the direction it's heading when an already once-deported illegal alien convicted of Social Security fraud can hide out in a church, and all ICE has to offer is a promise to apprehend her at "a time and place of their choosing." Yet think back a couple of years to the response of the government to a little boy who had lost his mother and whose father wanted him back in communist Cuba.

It speaks volumes to escalating lawlessness, doesn't it?

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