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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Choose Black America -- Chicago Protest -- Pix & Video!

Hey Y'all!

Spent the day hangin' with Minuteman Ted Hayes and Frank Morris, head of "Choose Black America". They were in town to hold a protest outside Adalberto Methodist Church AKA Elvira Arellano's gangster paradise.

As is so often the case things got lively and loud when the reconquistas tipped to the fact we weren't on their side. Which of course, is exactly how we like it...

Latinos stand up? K, I like "Illegals get out!" Better. Can we have a vote?

Ted Hayes and Frank Morris

The inimitable Mr. Bluecoat AKA The SLB! (smug liberal bastard)(why? watch the video and learn my brutha!)

And our personal favorite, 'Psycho Beti', the assistant pastor of "The First Church Of Communists" and clearly off her meds today.

Here's the video...

We'll have a lot more blogging on this, lots of food for thought today, but as it's two in the dark scratchy early? It's bed for me. Oh, and as to psycho Beti's thoughtful offer to forgive us? We'll pass, she don't know us, and if demanding that the law be enforced, and our nation's sovereignty protected is wrong, we don' wanna be right!

Have a great weekend all!

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