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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Wages Of Illegal Immigration

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EL PASO, Tx. - A Horizon City woman contacts ABC-7 and wants to know why her husband, a legal US Resident was asked for his immigration status after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

After her husband was stopped by a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper, Martha Munoz says her problem was what the trooper asked for: his immigration papers.

Ms Munoz tells ABC-7 that about a month ago, her husband--a legal US resident and his friend--an illegal immigrant, were pulled over by the DPS trooper in Horizon City for a traffic violation.

The citation shows her husband had no insurance and showed no driver's license.

But what upsets Munoz is that she says the trooper asked her husband and the passenger for immigration status. Since the passenger is an illegal immigrant , he was deported.

Ms. Munoz adds, "[The trooper should] not to be asking him for the papers...that's not his job."

Munoz, who is a US Citizen, says when she arrived to pick up her husband's car, she was asked the same.

She says, "The first thing that I went there that day...they asked me for my license. He asked me if I had my papers and where I was born....I don't think it's fair.

Additionally Ms. Munoz says, "I don't think it's fair what happened and he can't be asking everybody if they have papers or not. Like for example if I give somebody a ride, I can't be asking if they have papers."

A representative for Texas DPS tells ABC-7, "Usually when a trooper asks for that information it's because the driver has failed to provide any sort of identification."

Munoz's husband now faces a felony charge of transporting an illegal immigrant. He could also be deported.
Okay, as the title says, these are the wages of massive illegal immigration. Hispanic citizens will be inconvenienced due to the overwhelmingly monolithic nature of this invasion. Most especially when, like retards, they cannot produce any normal documentation!

I mean, for goodness sake, what the hell do these people think is going to happen when you drive around without insurance or license? With all due respect to this knucklehead, he ain't a citizen, the article says he's a "legal US resident." So that means he's basically on probation, and he just blew it big time. Is a guy like this the best possible "New American?" we can get? Methinks not! Maybe if he wasn't so busy committing crimes he wouldn't find himself in this predicament.

As to the title again, perhaps if Hispanics weren't such massive supporters of illegal immigration I might actually care about this, as it stands, cry me a river.

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