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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saul Goes to Mexico

Source: Belleville News Democrat

The son of an immigration activist who has taken refuge in a church to avoid being deported to Mexico is heading to that country on Sunday to seek the support of national legislators.

Saul Arellano, 7, who is an American citizen, will meet with members of the Mexican House of Representatives and the Mexican Senate on Tuesday in an effort to get a resolution supporting Elvira Arellano's bid to stay in the United States.
Wait just a minute! I've got an idea...

Ring. Ring.
Hello, this is ICE.
Hi. This is MJ.
What can we do for you, MJ?
I'm calling about Elvira Arellano.
You know -- the chick hiding out at the church, who you were supposed to deport to Mexico 3 months ago?
The one who doesn't want to go back to Mexico because it would separate her from her son?
Well, I've got a tip for you: her son is flying to Mexico tomorrow. Without her.
I'm calling to suggest that tomorrow would be the perfect time to "reunite" them.

Oh well. A girl can dream...

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