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Friday, November 10, 2006

Our Shared Culture?

President Bush constantly affirms our shared culture with Mexico.  I have consistently asked "what shared culture?"  I don't see many signs of that, indeed I find Mexican culture alien and off-putting in many regards.

This tidbit, from VFR, is on a discussion thread talking about the Adrienne Shelly case...
The fatal mistake committed by Adrienne Shelly was one that no Hispanic woman would make. Neither would a female Anglo teacher in the LAUSD. I used to rent a house from a former LAUSD teacher. She once told me that, at the school where she had taught, all incoming female Anglo teachers were warned about reprimanding or in any way speaking in a commanding tone to misbehaving male Mestizo students, especially in the presence of their peer group of other Mestizo males.

When reprimanded by a woman, their instinct for face-saving—a paramount impulse above almost all others in their primitive culture—is so strong, and overwhelms whatever weak civilizing inhibitions they may have absorbed from Anglos, that the female teachers were informed that they were literally endangering their own safety if they should offend one of them.

I fully expect that, given the increasing normalization (indeed, glorification) of such “Hispanic values,” we will soon hear attorneys offering this as a valid courtroom defense in cases of murder, assault, etc, committed by Indo-Hispanics. It will be known as the “Wounded Macho Pride” defense, or something similar.
Tell me again about our shared culture, because I don't see it, I really don't.

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