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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gutierrez and Jackson Will Not Challenge Daley

Source: CBS2 Chicago

It's a no-go for the two candidates most likely to give Mayor Daley a re-election fight.

Democratic Congressmen Luis Gutierrez and Jesse Jackson, Jr. bowed out of the race for personal and political reasons.
No big surprise there, given the newly minted Democratic control of Congress. Or as Jesse Jackson, Jr. put it (Source: Chicago Tribune)...

"More than any time since I took my initial oath of office, I am excited, eager and downright giddy about the prospects in Washington," Jackson said. "Washington will be the place to be in the next two years, and maybe even the foreseeable future."
Now, if you've ever spent any time here with Jake and I, you know how vehemently we disagree with our representative, Luis Gutierrez, on all thing illegal immigration. Differences aside, however, I was very sorry to read a personal reason he decided against running in the mayoral race:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said Thursday that his first priority right now is to care for his wife, Soraida, who faces treatment for thyroid cancer in the coming months.

"What I will be doing full speed in the coming months is taking care of the love of my life," Gutierrez said.
God bless you both, and we wish Soraida Gutierrez a speedy return to full, vibrant health.

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