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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just Wow!

Having grown up in restaurants since the age of nine I never really did the whole college/corporate wesel thang, not that there's anything wrong with the whole "college/corporate weasel" thang mind you (yeah, I really mean that!)(NOT!)

Anywho, it is a different culture, I don't recall EVER warbling an ode to how amazing my places of employment were, and had one of my bosses ever suggested it they very well might have become that nights special. Here's a corporate weasel par excellence bleating his "one true love" to...a bank?

Are you as creeped out by this display as I am? It's just disturbing.

It is interesting on the culture note. I'm often talking with folks who work in an office who appear to be completely unaware that there is such a thing as an office culture, as someone who grew up several galaxies over from said culture, yes, there really is an office culture, and as this video shows that's not necessarily a good thing.

H/T and shamelessly stolen from goodwillhinton via Ace

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