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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Republicans and Conservatives, no doubt still reeling from Tuesday’s defeat, should consider themselves lucky that they are no longer obliged to support Mr. Bush. The partisan veil must be removed if anyone is to see Mr. Bush for what he really is.

And Mr. Bush is a coward and a traitor.

He is a man willing to betray the entire membership of the Republican Party, a party he had promoted and supported till it hindered his ability to achieve his destructive and treasonous goals.

He is a man who thinks nothing of eliminating the rights and privileges of birthright citizenship, betraying his own countrymen, and consigning our children to third world ignorance, drudgery and violence. His “compassionate conservatism”, a facile and slick marketing device calculated to deceive the good hearted and compassionate amongst us, apparently demands he commit these acts of treason to lighten the burden and better the lives of his Latin American illegal aliens. A people without the capacity or inclination to understand what this nation is beyond what they can steal, sneak or squeeze out of it.

Bush and his illegals are Birds of a feather.

Treason, cowardice and betrayal.

These words are not just some throwback to a pastoral time when patriots opposed those words by committing their lives and fortunes to the future of their nation and people. In fact, those three words have a home within the empty and ghoulish shell of George W. Bush. Republicans and Conservatives should thank God they no longer have to defend the inexplicable and chaotic actions of that man. In fact, they should consider themselves no less liberated then Rush Limbaugh has described.

Mr. Bush and his new friends will soon pass comprehensive immigration reform that will destroy the nation.There is no stopping it. When it passes, Mr. Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project will not just be rendered obsolete, it will be declared a subversive and racist organization that will be at the mercy of LULAC, ACLU, SPLC and Alberto Gonzalez’s Department of Justice.

Indeed. We will thereafter see Mr. Bush become a law and order potentate whose excesses will rival those of Draco the Athenian. This man has to be stopped before he destroys us all.
He has a perverse and insatiable appetite, no conscience, no remorse and lacks the ability to discern right from wrong. He needs to go, and the sooner Republicans and Conservatives see him for what he is, the better off we’ll be.

Anyone seen Conyers around?