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Thursday, November 09, 2006

100% Preventable

God, I'm tired of using that title.

Source: WND

Three people – two North Carolina State University students and a 16-year-old – have been killed by an illegal alien, who allegedly was driving drunk, and already had a record of crime in the United States.

Authorities say Pastor Rios Sanchez, 55, is expected back in a North Carolina court on Nov. 15 on charges he killed Helen Meghan Hughes, 22, of Summerville, S.C., Jennifer Carter, 18, of Jacksonville, N.C., and Hughes' stepbrother, 16-year-old Ben Leonard.
What else do we know about this illegal alien who killed three U.S. citizens?

Sanchez is being held on $75,000 bail and an immigration detainer following an appearance where he was charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter and he also may face charges of carrying fraudulent identification, immigration authorities told the Raleigh News-Observer.

Immigration officer Tom O'Connell said Sanchez had a residency card but it apparently was forged. And District Judge Donald L. Boone noted that the bond seemed "really low" for the counts in the case.

Authorities also said Sanchez had pleaded guilty to driving without a license a year ago. And court records show he was accused of a similar count in March and another in April. One count was dismissed and Sanchez failed to show up for court on the other.
As if breaking the law to get here and work here isn't enough. This guy breaks the law over and over and over again. He's a serial lawbreaker, and he's far from alone.

If an illegal alien's only crime is entering the country illegally, they still have no right to be here and need to get the hell out. But this is just ridiculous. Americans are dying and it's 100% preventable. Yet most politicians don't give a shit...certainly not enough to do anything effective about it, like, I don't know, ENFORCING THE LAW.

It just makes you sick, doesn't it? I can't even imagine how the families of Helen, Jennifer and Ben feel.

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