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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ramesh Responds

And quite ably as well (he is responding to this)...
Let me try to clarify. What I'm saying is this: If you want to run a race that is mostly about the need for immigration control, that will be because a sizable number of voters in your district are upset by it. The reason your district has a sizable number of voters upset about lax immigration policies is probably that there are a lot of illegal immigrants there. But in such places, there tend also to be a lot of immigrant voters, people who work with illegals or are friends with them, etc., and this puts a natural limit on your constituency. I'm not arguing for "comprehensive" immigration reform by any means.
Ramesh Ponnuru | Homepage | 11.08.06 - 3:26 pm | #
I had a feeling I was misunderstanding his point and this does clear it up nicely. I, of course, agree. Considering where I live (in Luis Gutierrez's district) I almost have to. I appreciate RP taking the time to clear that up.

On a related note, while Dave 'the pirate' Tatosian and I were driving down to Terre Haute Indiana to shoot our latest Freedom Folks video we were talking in general about blogging. We recently invited him to become a part of the Freedom Folks blog but he hadn't been posting much, turns out he was concerned that I might throw him off the blog because we disagreed about some issue (of course he still isn't posting, but I think that's due to his being a general malcontent, an entirely different situation to be sure--ed).

I was astonished. Having grown up in Chicago I remember well going into little neighborhood taverns, ordering a beer and spending the next few hours delightedly vilifying local politicians, waxing eloquent on the grander affairs and arguing fiercely over politics in general. Sadly, I think establishments of that sort have found themselves on the endangered species list.

This reply from Ramesh is exactly what I love about the blogosphere, I consider the blogosphere the new barstool, where you can belly up, order a beer and hold forth on your take on the days events and people agree and disagree, but we talk. How cool is that?

I have a few more thoughts on this that I will post later, back to the book writing salt mines.


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