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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rolling Back Reagans Victories...

One by one.

Source: yahoonews

The Guard The Borders Blogburst this week spoke at length of what's at stake in Nicaragua. We can now add Nicaragua along with Mexico, Bolivia, and Venezelua to the "not a friend" category. I think it's just about time to add these countries to the "GWOT" myself...
MANAGUA, Nicaragua (Reuters) - Nicaragua's former Marxist guerrilla leader Daniel Ortega bounced back to power on Tuesday in a presidential election victory that bolsters an increasingly assertive anti-U.S. bloc in Latin America. *snip*

"Latin America is leaving forever its role as the backyard of the North American empire. Yankee go home! Gringo go home! This land is ours, this is our America!" said a delighted Chavez, whose closest allies are Cuban President Fidel Castro and Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Although sick since intestinal surgery in July, Castro sent effusive congratulations to his old comrade. *snip*

Venezuela backed Ortega's campaign by sending cheap fertilizer and fuel to Sandinista-led groups. It is now expected to help finance social programs in Nicaragua.

Some of Ortega's followers hope Chavez, rich with petrodollars, will help Nicaragua stand up to Washington.
Lovely, I can't wait to hear about what good "friends" they are when these sh*tholes implode and they make a run for the border.

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