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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Wee Prediction

I'm watching the election results trickle in @ Truth Laid Bear.  It's a good way to watch if you, like me, could give a rat's furry hindquarters about the details and excruciating minutia of each and every bloody race.

Ahem, conventional wisdom sez that a (D) win tonight presages amnesty and the presumed death of America.  I don't argue that amnesty would certainly be an awfully bad thing, but isn't it a little juvenile to assume that the (D)'s would be omnipotent if they win?

Here's my thought, one of the biggest obstacles to immigration reform is president George Bush.  Because his ugly mug was plastered all over the amnesty, many conservatives were simply taken out of play on this issue.  We have received many comments over the last year wondering in esence how we dared to question the president.

Now imagine amnesty with Nancy Pelosi's Botox ridden mug plastered all over it, think some more (R)'s might become interested in immigration reform.  Whenever Rush or Hannity talk about illegal immigration today they sigh dreamily and regurge nonsense such as "I jes don' know why de presodent be lubbin' him sum belegals."

Now imagine their responses when it's "de debbil" Nancy Pelosi who wants to destroy this country.

I'm not so sure that a (D) win will be bad for immigration reform, I'm really not.  CW has a funny way of  being dead wrong from time to time.  I think this may, I do say may, be one of those times.

One other thought, almost no matter what happens tonight the (D)'s aren't winning enough seats to take a commanding majority.  They also lack anything approaching a coherent plan for anything other than bellying up to the trough and hollerin' "Soooiieeee", turning K street into (D) street." 

Also, and this is a little hardcore I know, if the (D)'s manage to screw up the economy, again, this redounds to our favor on the immigration issue.  One of the things that worked to shut down mass immigration a hundred years ago was that the robber barons insisted on continuing to import vast numbers of people during a depression.  In my opinion that was a harbinger of the end of mass immigration then and perhaps we'll see something similar today.

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