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Friday, November 10, 2006

Wanted: Foxes To Guard Henhouses

I posted yesterday on Gov. Napolitano's response to the ballot initiatives. Our good pal Digger made a good catch in the same article, to wit...
House Speaker Jim Weiers said Republicans intend to pursue border security measures. And he said the GOP also is willing to pursue employer sanctions if they can be enacted in a fair manner -- and if it can also gain the blessing of the business community.

"You work with all parties," he said. "You get the input in finding out what does work."
I think we can all agree that putting a crack fox detail in charge of the hen house is the best possible solution.

Problem solved!

In all seriousness this to me is a place where you need a government seperated from the business community. If a government is to be capable of enforcing laws it cannot be going to those it will be prosecuting hat humbly in hand and asking if it might pretty please arrest them. This is one place where I do think (R)'s are weaker than (D)'s due to the structural notion in the (R)'s that government is the problem (a position I am much in sympathetic with). Whereas (D)'s see the government as the solution to problems and are willing to grant governmental bodies more power.

While I am absolutely a fan of smaller, less intrusive government that cannot come at the expense of law enforcement. I stand behind the notion that Bill Clinton was actually better on illegal immigration that Bush, primarily because, with notable exceptions he didn't actively undermine enforcement to the degree president Bush currently does.

The notion of working with an enemy to achieve a common goal strikes me as the height of folly. Mexico will never be a part of the solution to illegal immigration, they are not our 'friend.' Business owners will never willingly give up cheap, exploitable labor on their own. They must be forced to do so, anything else is at best pipe dreaming.

Do I think that (D)'s are actually better than (R)'s on illegal immigration issues, no? Primarily because to the (D)'s illegal aliens really are future constituents. It is genuinely puzzling with all the work (R)'s have put into redistricting and other measures to secure their satrapies they seem constituitionally incapable of seeing the one thing that will be the death of the (R) party. Karl Rove's pathetic attempts to reach out to groups like La Raza strike me as a man attempting to bail the water out of a supertanker with a teaspoon. No matter how much they pander the harsh truth is that the ranks of (D) voters are pouring over the border faster than he can fellate them into hating (R)'s slightly less.

Not a winning proposition. If there was one question I could magically get answered by the grand poobahs of the (R)'s it would simply be that. Why are you welcoming and encouraging your own eventual extinction?

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