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Thursday, November 09, 2006

"It’s time for us to listen to our citizens"

Source: The Washington Times H/T commonsenseAmerica

Christi King points us toward this great op/ed...
Good news for Gaithersburg, Maryland: There will be no day-laborer center to spend tax dollars on illegal aliens. After 31 tries, the City Council is giving up. As council member Henry F. Marraffa Jr. put it: “It’s time for us to listen to our citizens, and our citizens don’t want this in their neighborhoods.” *snip*

Thirty-one is literally the number of sites that city leaders tried. Every single one was shot down by residents.

Some will call this a triumph of NIMBY (not in my backyard), but this misses the larger point. Government is supposed to be representative, and residents never wanted a day-laborer site in the first place. Just as in Herndon, Va., and elsewhere, these centers are the pet projects of local liberal ideologues who don’t seem to take their constituents’ opinions into much account. Encouraged by pro-illegal alien pressure groups, prominently CASA of Maryland, they get pushed along by pliant friends on the council. Then, heed is given to area residents only belatedly, at which point city officials are taken by surprise at the resistance. They would have known that the sites are deeply unpopular if they had just bothered to ask or listen.
Hmmm, listening to the residents? It's just this sort of radical talk that just might save this nation.


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