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Friday, November 10, 2006

Program Note

Just a quick reminder that we have some new writers on the blog.  If I haven't done so officially yet, I honestly can't recall if I have or haven't, let me take this opportunity to welcome "dt" and "James Kutthoff" to the blog!  I hope our readers enjoy the addition.

Also, I get a lot of crap from MJ when she writes a great piece and somebody drops a comment thanking or praising me, or most deservedly taking me to the woodshed (Jake).  Please, for the sake of my marriage, or my friendship with dt and Jim, take a moment and check who wrote the post!  :P  Especially now that we're an international blogging cartel!

Thanks to all of you who make this blog a worthwhile endeavor.  It is the smart and talented folks who read this blog that make it such a joy to produce.  So keep the comments and emails comin!  Also, for those of our readers who don't have a blog, if you would ever like to contribute something you can email it to me, I can't promise that we'll use it, but I do promise we'll take a look and post what we can.

All the best,



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