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Monday, November 13, 2006

"And I For One Welcome Our New Overlords!"

Source: CNN

The new head of the RNC has been selected. Now, we already knew the White House wasn't staffed with terribly smart people, but this, this is a new low.

What seems to be the primary criteria for our new RNC chief?

Why, he's brown of course! (well, HE'S not brown, but with the first name Melquiades it's implied)
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Mel Martinez, a Florida Republican elected in 2004, has accepted an offer by the White House to become the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, three sources tell CNN.

Under the arrangement, Martinez will remain in office and serve as the party's lead spokesman as well as take a major role in fundraising and political outreach, while RNC General Counsel Robert (Mike) Duncan will oversee the committee's day-to-day responsibilities. Duncan is serving his fourth term as a RNC committeeman from Kentucky and was also elected the committee's Treasurer in Jan. 2001.
Seeing as immigration will play an important role, and frankly Ken mehlman did such a poor job selling the administrations beloved amnesty, let's take a look at Mel's record on immigration. Yeah, it's bad...(from the excellent 'immigration stance')
Overall, Senator Mel Martinez has a poor record when it comes to immigration reform.

Senator Mel Martinez actively encourages more illegal immigration to our country and is in our opinion a threat to this nation. We cannot give Mel Martinez our seal of approval.
Open border folks are attempting to spin this election as a referendum supporting open borders, and the Republican party has pursued a strategy of A.) importing vast numbers of Mexicans, then B.) only then saying "OH SH*T!" we better turn them into Republicans by opening the borders importing more likely leftist Democrat voters and dissolving this country as quick as humanly possible. Feels like a bit of a merry go round, no?

This is our future folks, check your ammo.


Miss M directs us to this round up of bloggie reax @ Blogs Of War.

Larrydon'tlosethatnumber provides this entertaining compare & contrast on Mr. Martinez in comments.

H/T Hot Air

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