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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Friends & Neighbors Update

Source: SanFranChronicle

Mexico continues to melt down...
The death Friday of Misael Tamayo Hernandez, editor of the daily newspaper El Despertar de la Costa, appeared to be the sixth killing of a Mexican journalist this year, according to the group Reporters Without Borders. […]

Days before he was found dead, the editor had written a column denouncing local corruption. The southern state of Guerrero, which includes Zihuatanejo and Acapulco, has been ravaged by a battle between competing drug cartels and the police. Tamayo’s newspaper reported extensively on the violence.

“Are we becoming used to this being a ‘normal’ day in our country?” El Universal asked in a Saturday editorial, as the paper reported on the deaths of Tamayo and a wild shootout in the southern state of Michoacan that left a suspected cartel “soldier” dead.
Mexico is rapidly breaking down into an unstable narco state. No matter the amount of happy smoke blown up our butts by spineless pols and profiteers they will not be a suitable "neighbor" for many, many years to come, let alone a "friend."

I stand on record as saying an American cop will be beheaded by the drug cartels, it is the kicky fun new way of showing who's boss. Considering how we've been bending over for our "friends" it's only a matter of time. We have been displaying nothing but weakness to a country run by drug cartels.

Now, let's use a Rottweiler as an analogy, do you show weakness to a Rottweiler? If you do what happens? It attacks, yet we have told Mexico in every way imaginable that we are more than happy to enable them in their long slide into narco-anarchy, narco-terrorism.

This doesn't end well kiddies. I've been sampling the mood of the blogs this morning about Mel Martinez's selection as RNC chair and it's interesting to say the least. I've noticed every conservative site seems to come equipped with an illegal immigration apologist, it tends to run about 50-1 against this person, but by god they will hold the line for their beloved illegals.

But why? That's what confuses me. These folks aren't Americans, these folks are not our fellow citizens. And they do have a deleterious effect on our society which is why it's always slightly astonishing to see alleged conservatives supporting that which is illegal.

Anywho, I've had several pieces lately about how Mexico's craziness is inching closer to us, narco killings in Mexico numbered 1,500 last year, 2,000 total, it is becoming the norm there.

When will it become the norm here? Is it already and news outlets are hushing it up?

These are our "Friends & Neighbors" folks, better get used to the idea of drug cartels running things here because that is what's coming courtesy of our weak borders and even weaker politicians.

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