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Friday, November 03, 2006

Oaxaca Protesters Force Police Retreat

Source: AP/Yahoo!

Protesters besieging this colonial city forced federal police to retreat from the gates of the state university after six hours of pitched fighting and the rector's call for an end to the government "attack."

The clash Thursday occurred at the entrance to the university, which protesters demanding the ouster of the Oaxaca state governor have used as their headquarters since police drove them from the city's picturesque central plaza on Sunday. Police control in other areas of the city remained spotty.
Fortunately Oaxaca is much further away from our border than Juarez, but this is still disturbing news coming out of a country that our president insists is our friend while he makes a Mister Yuck face and signs the border fence bill.

But wait, there's more...

Reverberations from the ongoing fight in Oaxaca city — seized five months ago by a coalition of striking teachers and leftist protesters — also reached Mexico City, where sympathizers temporarily blocked some downtown streets to demand police withdraw from Oaxaca.
Great. Just great. Can we please, PLEASE, PLEASE arm our border now, Mr. President? I asked nicely.

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