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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mexico Still Believes!

In the SPP!

While America and Canada are almost desperate in their attempts to suggest that the whole idea of the SPP is laughable, Mexico clearly hasn't gotten the memo.  While in Canada recently Mexico's new oligarch had this to say about a future common currency...
Más tarde, durante la reunión con Gilles Duceppe, líder del Partido Bloque Quebequense, el panista coincidió "plenamente" en la propuesta de conformar un fondo que aporte recursos a proyectos productivos de las zonas pobres de cada país, a fin de reducir la migración y en la necesidad de, en un mundo globalizado, contar con una moneda sólida y unificada.
Or, with a little help from babelfish...
Later, during the meeting with Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Party Quebequense Block, the panista agreed "totally" in the proposal to conform a bottom that contributes resources to productive projects of the poor zones of each country, in order to reduce the migration and in the necessity of, in a globalizado world, to count on a solid and unified currency.
Yeah, laughable!

Have I ever mentioned my "Supervillain theory" before?

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