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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mexican park turns border crossings into tourist fodder?

What would life be without a little diversion now and again?

From ;
“HIDALGO, Mexico — No one would ever mistake trying to sneak across the border for a day at Disneyland, but some enterprising undocumented immigrants have turned the experience into a tourist attraction… A park in central Mexico called Ecoalberto charges $15 for groups to experience an illegal border crossing as an extreme sport…”
Say, that is pretty thrilling huh? But it gets even more extreme;
“Toward the end of the two-hour hike through mud, one young mother along for the thrill is weary. She and others welcome a ride from the pretend smugglers.
When the group is spotted, however, members make a dash for a drainage tunnel.
The person on their trail? A local police officer — wearing his real uniform — moonlighting as a pretend border patrol agent.

He has been an undocumented immigrant in Texas and assures us that this cat-and-mouse game is only a small taste of the real thing…”

I guess this proves the old adage “practice makes perfect”
Best of all it’s funded by our good friends in the Mexican government;
“The group that stages the undocumented immigrant tour gets some money from the Mexican government, since the event is in a state park”For more information about the unusual tour, visit
Unusual indeed.


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