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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When Smart People...


From this thread...(under this post)

I'll agree that God created everyone equal. But after that moment of creation...the moment of conception...differentiation begins to occur in every womb. From that first instant forward, no such thing as "equality" is guaranteed, and our Creator made it that way. Every argument for "equality" posited by those who for some odd reason cannot think it through is an argument for equality of outcomes. There are those who think that it is society's, or government's, duty to create an atmosphere in which a societal "leveling" can be accomplished for anyone who in some manner falls below some standard they have decided to set.

This line of thought usually leads to demands by some for all sorts of remediation or reparation for those whose lot in life has made them somehow fall to or live below this arbitrary mean. Imposing guilt on society is then used as leverage to create all sorts of errant, guilt-based thought and action; leveling, by its very nature, sets the stage for the best and brightest of us all to be placed in situations that inhibit access to their fullest and greatest potential. In the universe of positive innovations that the human mind can muster, it cannot and will never serve the greater good to make something less of a society in the name of egalitarian leveling.

Those with misplaced compassion. in their quest to promote the interests of those whose potential outcomes dictated by birth are somewhat less than the bleeding-heart standard, lower the potentialities of all future generations. I consider, and it is merely Conservative to consider such compassion for a few (or 20 million criminal aliens), to be an unethical and patently immoral stance.

We all are subject to a pecking order of design, perhaps Providential, that begins with self, extends to family, then tribe (or clan), then nation. When, and only when, all of these first-order concerns are made secure for posterity is it prudent to consider and assist "the other;" that is, to help those who come from cultures in which there have been few if any shared influences and experiences.

The first order of responsibility to this nation is to its citizens and their ancestors. The last order of responsibility of this nation is to artificial constructs like soul-less corporations; there are too many of those who cannot fathom the concept. If a business cannot stand on its own merits without breaking our laws or imposing a radical cultural shift upon us all just to satisfy some need for instant gratification provided by cheap, compliant labor, it should not be propped up. It should be ground into rubble to make way for those who would innovate before they would make their nation even the slightest bit less than it can be for our posterity.

People never discuss that the real name of the "Statue of Liberty" is actually "Liberty Enlightening the World." It was a thanks from France for us showing them the way.


Sadly it got cut off there by stupid Haloscan. That was written by Katie's Dad who we miss.

And here's the last two sentences...

...The fact that France has botched its access to liberty many times has no bearing on that fact. In fact, we should learn from France that there is a difference between being a beacon and example for the world and being the world's bug lamp.

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