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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Believe I Called This...

Source: wapo
“…In the days after the election, Democratic leaders surprised pro-immigration groups by not including the issue on their list of immediate priorities. Experts said the issue is so complicated, so sensitive and so explosive that it could easily blow up in the Democrats’ faces and give control of Congress back to Republicans in the next election two years from now. And a number of Democrats who took a hard line on illegal immigration were also elected to Congress”.
Ahem, I seem to recall saying...
I'm not so sure that a (D) win will be bad for immigration reform, I'm really not. CW has a funny way of being dead wrong from time to time. I think this may, I do say may, be one of those times.
And to think that my good buddy Digger questioned my remarkably astute judgement? Shocking, I know.

Mr. Digger also questioned my prediction that the (R)'s would rally to an anti-amnesty position if they could slap evil Nancy Pelosi's face all over it? Recent news should put to rest any questions about my simply frightening sentience...(I think a nice bottle of 13 year old Glenfiddich should make things right Digger!)

Pence says immigration compromise is “a thing of the past”

DeMint threatens to leave party if GOP pushes for amnesty

Audio: Kyl says Bush’s amnesty plan could be filibustered — by Republicans

Now, having lightly sprained my arm patting myself on the back I'll tell you what I don't like about this. My fear is that instead of a nice big stupid bite at the amnesty apple that would really tick off patriotic Americans, the (D)'s will sneak through a bunch of mini-amnesties and adjustments. You know, a million here, a million there and before you know it you're talkin' full blown amnesty but it will probably fly in under the radar aided and abetted by our three monkey media.

But, I still think in ways having (D)'s in charge is actually better for immigration reform issues, they are too beholden to ethnic groups in a way the (R)'s aren't (but want to be). So the longer they're in power the more likely it becomes that they will seek a massive amnesty which has the hidden benefit of putting immigration on the front pages of newspapers, precisely where pro-illegal immigration advocates don't want it as it tends to tick off average American. You know, those folks that desperately want amnesty (wink-wink)

And just having seen PROOF of the atom splitting power of my mind are you gonna disagree?*

*All boasting in this article is in what we like to call "good clean -- all American fun." Should you find yourself offended in any way let me take this opportunity to assure you, I DON'T CARE!!

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