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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's That Season Again...

Source: reuters

Why H1-B visa season of course!
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Following all the rules, Indian national Sanjay Mehta came to the United States on a temporary work visa in 1997, hoping to build a glittering career in the fast-moving information technology sector.

But nine years later his application for a green card remains snarled up in a bureaucratic logjam, and he looks with frustration at the strides made by illegal immigrants who he says simply jumped the fence from Mexico.

“Washington has taken notice of them … But what about the plight of legal immigrants to this country? We seem to have been forgotten,” said Mehta, who settled in Arizona with his wife and raised two children.
K, this is a particularly sneaky variant of the anti-American worker bunch, a double head fake. Why?
Nothing has been done. The main reason has been that too many affluent, well placed citizens benefit from all kinds of imported slaves, both cheap, low skilled labor and in the case of Silicon Valley from large special visa imports of high tech people such as H1-B. source
This is an example of the high tech folks pretending they give a rat's ass about illegal immigration to get their preferred flavor of indentured slave into this country to supplant an American worker.

If any of my readers have attended J-school perhaps was there a class entitled "Corporate Whoring 101?" Or is it simply so endemic as to not require something that formal?

I'm not completely unsympathetic to this individual but, I think the question should be asked, why was he brought into this country? Did he supplant an American worker? Is he paid less than an American worker? Of course those are questions you would ask if you weren't busy pursuing a vibrant career in "Corporate Whorery!"

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