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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Commies Opine

Source: rockymountainnews

This article by one Paul Campos displays the cognitive dissonance one has almost come to expect from those lunatics who run the asylums our institutions of higher drinking have become...
Yet the most significant fact to keep in mind about people who speak Spanish in the United States is this: such people are invariably performing useful labor. In fact, it isn't too much of an exaggeration to say that the odds a person does the kind of work that simply has to get done in order to keep civilization afloat go up in direct proportion to the probability that this person speaks Spanish.

Those among us who build the buildings, and cook the food, and clean the bathrooms, and trim the trees, and care for the children - in short, the people who, in Orwell's phrase, "make the wheels go round" - are increasingly the people who press "2" in order to hear their options in Spanish.

Meanwhile, the immense mass of well-paid parasites who infest our fabulously wealthy nation - the financial analysts, the political consultants, the managers of human resources, the vice presidents for West Coast promotion, the producers of television commercials designed to increase the consumption of certain breakfast cereals, and, needless to say, the syndicated newspaper columnists - will continue to become annoyed at the need to press "1."
This article has it all, the myth of the Hispanic superworker, why reading this one might wonder how any work got done in this country before our current infestation of illegal aliens? Not to mention, Parasites? Damn, talk about wearing your disdain for our country on your sleeve.

This is the twisted thinking of a modern day communist, I ask again, as I always do, can you name one other issue in which our supposedly conservative president and communists agree? I certainly can't.

And shouldn't that simple consonance sound a warning bell? Or do you think that the communist party has good things in mind for America?

H/T slapstick politics via Lonewacko

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