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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Men And The Boys?

From the archives.

From Lawrence Auster's View From The Right...
John Hagan writes:

Yesterday, on our local radio show I spent close to 10 minutes haranguing Bush over the immigration issue. I expressed the fact that there was no longer any doubt, but that his actions would over time eliminate the United States as we have known it. The host of the show agrees with me. The other three conservatives in the room sat silent, and did not say a word. When I did something similar on this show several years ago there was almost a fist-fight.

After the show, one of our associates announced that he would no longer be a party to this Bush bashing, and quit the show. The host of the show told him to go pound sand, that our nation’s future was more important than GWB.

This issue separates the men from the boys. If you are presented with the fact that our political elites want to literally erase our nation, and our future, and you cannot rally yourself to take a stand, or even give an opinion, like Mark Helprin today, then you are less than worthless.

As an aside, I published a letter to the editor against this immigration bill in the Manchester Union Leader, the most conservative daily paper in the nation, and they attached an editor’s note to my letter distancing themselves from me! Incredible times.

I have noticed this to be the issue above all others that show you the extent of someone's backbone. Too many are scared and frightened of being called names, being slimed, or too willing to go right back to sleep content that the President is looking out for them.

But he isn't, and as Americans we NEED to throw him over and save this country from his twisted desires. I'm sorry to have to say this, but it's as true as anything I know.

This nation is more important than any one man, more important than the prancing politicians in Washington would have you believe.

Are you worried about the war on terror, then chew on this, the war on terror is a multi-generational effort which is being carried and sustained by the United States of America. What happens to the war on terror if we become a weakened, bi-furcated state?

This issue is too big to trust the prancing ponies in Washington as they work their usual magic of obfuscation and mis-direction. It's too important to allow anyone who doesn't have the best interests of this nation at heart to take the lead.

Far too many people who have grown up in this land of milk and honey seem to hate everything good this land has to offer, have grown weak in unspoken assumption of strength, arrogant in presumption of superiority.

America is all that stands between the world and darkness, I don't mean to be overly dramatic, that is simply the truth as I see it. And if we cease to be who we are, if our culture is changed against our will, who do we become?

This is not a partisan issue, the luxury to argue over best paths relies solely on the magnificence of the system we so take for granted. The peace we assume as our birthright is never more than one bad decision away from extinction.

How did we get here, what qualities formed the American character, will the changes to our national DNA that are being considered right now help or hinder us as we move into an uncertain future?

I don't know, what I do know is that the lies and evasions of this administration strike me as the tic filled attempts of the three time loser to get away with the crime. The lies are so numerous and overwhelming it's difficult to even address them.

If what our president wanted were good for the country would he need to lie, cheat and steal in his transparent attempts to bully and chivvy us along with him.

I love this country, and have a boundless faith in her, but that faith is rooted in the stony soil of reality. Not one of the individuals the new legislations propose to bring to our shores can damage the framework and bulwark of who we are, but in the aggregate?

Well, who knows, and I think it is the height of wisdom to ask that question. Jesus said to be as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents, I think this lesson applies to nations as well. We see changes occuring all around us as our demographics shift, this is not necessarily a bad thing though we have been here before.

The last time we required a forty year pause in all immigration to digest our newcomers.

But we have a right to be concerned. We have a right to ask for a frank explanation of how we'll be changed to satisfy the Chamber of Commerce's insatiable lust for cheap labor. Who we are is on the line, through the simple application of overwhelming numbers of mostly very good
people who know almost nothing of our traditions, our values and our heritage.

Our government seeks to do something unprecedented, move entire nations within our borders without our permission, it's up to us to stop them.

The new American resistance cannot be a thing of parties or old alliances. New, fresh thinking and blood is needed, untainted by previous feuds and disagreements, if we are to maintain the ability to hand down to our children the very country we are charged with preserving.

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