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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Tanker Bros Make The Big Time!

Or something like that. ABCNews and NPR run a very fair story on Milbloggers and Milblogs using our smart pal the Master Gunner as a primary source, an excellent selection might I add.

Source: ABC News
Oct. 31, 2006 — Frustrated by the media's coverage of the war in Iraq, which they felt left out the good and instead focused on grim body counts and gory car bombings, two brothers from Texas decided to put out the message they thought wasn't getting through in the form of a blog,

"Master Gunner" and his younger brother "Cav Tanker," who prefer not to use their real names, are two soldiers from Texas serving in tank divisions in the U.S. Army and running one of the hundreds of military blogs, or milblogs, maintained by service men and women.

The blogs offer people back home a view of the war zone through the soldiers' eyes. For Master Gunner, the milblog movement is a vital tool in keeping the public accurately informed.

"After every war, we celebrate the letters and words of American soldiers sent back to their families," he wrote in an e-mail. "Movies and documentaries are made about them. This is the first war where you can see our thoughts and words right in front of you, in near real-time. You can read about the schools we helped open last week or the graduation of hundreds of Iraqi policemen that we'll patrol with. And you can read it from the words of the guys that are right there."
Rock on MG!

He has more here.

And has posted the original

And this seems like the perfect opportunity to mention Project Valour IT. Digger has more.

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