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Monday, October 30, 2006

A Reminder About Illegals Using Gub'mint Cheese

I posted on this a couple of days ago, but it bears repeating when idjits (Michael Medved) suggest that illegal immigrants don't nibble gub'mint cheese...

Source:The Norman Transcript
Oklahoma City — An Oklahoma Department of Human Services employee says state human services officials are ignoring the policy to report potential illegal immigrants to the federal immigration agency.

Steve Thomas, social worker II in the agency’s Oklahoma County Rockwell office, testified before members of Oklahoma House of Representatives’ Revenue and Taxation Committee during an interim study on state immigration reform Tuesday.

‘There’s got to be an incentive not to come (to the United States) … we’re not doing anything about it,’ said Thomas, who is up for retirement in November from the department. ‘We need to ask for identity, we need to ask for citizenship.’

Thomas said he reviews the eligibility requirements to determine if a person qualifies to a few programs, including food stamps. He said for food stamps the person must be a citizen or an alien who has lived in the state at least five years. He looks at the income level and citizenship status of those coming into the agency, but he does not question the answers.

‘If they want to say they’re citizens, we go with it,’ he said. Thomas works as a social worker II, which he said ‘means I’ve been there a long time and haven’t been promoted.’ He told legislators he was put in front of a civil rights board that told him he had scared a person by revealing the reporting requirements for illegal aliens and that was deterring the person from seeking assistance. Thomas said by law he is supposed to submit a memo to the state office with information on possible illegal immigrants and the state office can then determine whether or not to report the case to the feds.

‘There are no workers sending memos,’ he said.

‘Illegal immigrants are not eligible for public assistance,’ according to a statement from the Department of Human Services, which goes on to say illegal immigrants ‘know they are not eligible and rarely apply.’
Dispensers of gub'mint cheese see illegal aliens as potential consumers of their services as opposed to what they really are, ass leeches!

H/T immigration watchdog

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