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Monday, October 30, 2006

One Patriotic hispanic Politican: Update

Not too long ago I did a piece called "A Challenge: One Patriotic Hispanic Politician?"  wherein I asked if there was even one Hispanic politician who wasn't putting race and ethnicity before their very Americanness, or, if being a race baiting traitor was the price of admission for a Hispanic politician?

Well this article today is a good news/bad news type of thing...
UVALDE, Texas (AP) -- Rep. Henry Bonilla is in an unusual position, an incumbent Texas congressman in a new district. More troubling for his re-election effort, some voters see a contradiction in the only Mexican-American in the House belonging to the Republican Party.

''He's forgotten his roots,'' said Pat Abrego, 47, of San Antonio.

Bonilla clearly bristles at the notion that being a Republican betrays Hispanics.

''There are a lot of people out there ... who think that the color of your skin dictates your political philosophy,'' Bonilla said. ''And that's the greatest insult that you could inflict on any American, regardless of their ethnic background.''
If ones roots force one to support illegality maybe it would be better to forget them? I imagine some Americans of Sicilian ancestry feel that way. But the key here is this, when I put that original challenge out several people took me to task for even asking the question, pardon me for sayin' but that's bullshit. That's exactly the kind of tough question this blog is prepared to ask.

I'm pleased as punch to read what Mr. Bonilla has to say and he gets it exactly right. I have always said that any person on the planet can in theory become an American, but it's more than a matter of having the right papers, dogs have papers. It's a matter of the heart. It's a matter of choosing to put your country before your race or ethnicity. Accepting the responsibilities of citizenship along with the benefits.

So I gladly acknowledge one patriotic hispanic politician. Of course as an old friend of mine used to say..."If you only brought one soul to Jesus in your lifetime you would have done an amazing thing, it's just a really shitty average."

H/T immigration watchdog

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