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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Immigration Lies in America, A Nation Worth Fighting For

Source: The Daily Press

The phony documents that illegal immigrants use are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

With both color copiers and graphics software getting more advanced, prevalent and affordable in recent years, the "document mills" that produce the fakes can range from one man working out of his bedroom to several people making them in a clandestine shop.

Easy access to such forgeries, along with open borders and the lure of finding work in the U.S., are a big reason illegal workers are pouring into the country. "It's a huge problem," Mike Netherland, special agent in charge of the Norfolk area for Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) said of the fake documents. "They'll have templates for the alien registration cards. They'll have blank Social Security cards - a whole stack of them. They'll sell them and make money."
They just want to work. They just want a better life. So shouts the amnesty/open borders crowd when the subject of illegal immigration arises.

Like most Americans, I have no problem with people wanting to come here seeking an opportunity to work hard and make a better life for themselves. But here the crucial part of the equation that so often gets left off: What if they're willing to break our law(s) to get it?

Complicit in this assault on the American people, of course, are businesses who hire illegal aliens to satisfy their bottom line desires. Stopping that, after all, was the second half of the equation that was supposed make the '86 amnesty work: enforcing immigration laws with regards to employers who hire illegally.

Longstanding federal law bans employers from hiring illegal immigrants, complete with a range of penalties and even possible prison time if they should do so knowingly or with "willful blindness."
It's been twenty years since the big kahuna of shamnesties passed. It's been five years since 9-11. And still the American people are waiting for our immigration laws to be enforced.

Instead, we've got "good-hearted, hard workers" who are at the very least breaking the law to live and work here, and perhaps breaking more laws by using these fake documents to do so. We've got businesses who cry that they can't stay in business if we actually start enforcing the law and take away their cheap, exploitable, illegal workforce. And we've got politicians, elected by the American citizenry, who seem willing to do anything as long as it's not what the people ask of them.

Everyone has their agenda for pushing to get their way, be it reconquista for la raza, greed, political power, and the list goes on.

My agenda is what is best for Americans. Americans who were born here, and Americans who came and will come legally to struggle through the arduous process of naturalization and assimilation. Because this is wonderful country, a tremendous place to call home, a land of freedom and opportunity, and a nation worth fighting for.

Let's roll.

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