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Friday, October 27, 2006

Disappointed: Carlos Mencia -- No strings Attached

We just attempted, unsuccessfully to watch this video. Carlos Mencia is a comedian who has consistently knocked our socks off, one of our favorites. But this video was different. Is it because he made fun of the minutemen or supported illegal immigration?

Not exactly, the problem was it wasn't funny. Let me explain why, I thought MJ nailed it afterwords by noting that the reason Carlos' stuff so often works is that it's obnoxiously truthful, this wasn't and it really felt different from everything else I've ever seen him do previously.

I'm not offended if a comedian rips on the minutemen or president Bush, I'm offended when a comedian isn't funny or gets preachy, this was, unfortunately both at the same time. Like George Carlin sober, ugh!

I wondered as we put the video in if everything that went down this summer with the big marches and HR4437 would change him or his act, I think it did. One of the things I've always enjoyed was how he could go anywhere for the laugh, often coming up with fairly unexpected punch lines and gags. Tonight was the opposite, tonight Carlos was a Hispanic before he was a comedian and the act suffered for it. He put race before everything else tonight and that was a damn shame.

In the space of those ten minutes he managed to hit every single tired old illegal immigration canard in the book. Whites and blacks are too lazy to work so we NEED illegal immigrants to do all those things we are too lazy to do. Minutemen are RACIST!! Our whole society would fall apart except for illegal immgrants. It's racist to suggest there's a national security concern with an open border. A fence can't work, and of course, who would build the fence? Why, illegal aliens of course!

As MJ said as we slipped the DVD out about ten minutes in, "well, I guess we'll have to think twice before renting one of his shows in the future."

Find your balance again Carlos, we could have used a laugh tonight, instead we got lectured, by a cat who supports illegal immigration, you definitely lost some fans tonight.

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