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Friday, October 27, 2006

Testing The Defenses?

Source: aftenposten
The BIS annual report for 2005, released on Tuesday, mentions flight OK 447 in September 2005, where three Egyptian citizens tried to gain access to the pilots.

According to BIS spokesman Jan Subrt, police terrorism experts believe that the three Egyptians were not trying to hijack the plan but rather testing the security measures on board the plan, which was owned by Czech Airlines (CSA).

"The crew on board discovered the three Egyptians trying to open the door into the cockpit. When the stewards intervened they immediately gave up their attempts and gave the excuse that they were looking for a staff member because they wanted to buy chewing gum," Subrt said.

BIS managed to identify the trio but could not demonstrate any links to Islamist terrorist organizations. The three were apprehended upon landing and Czech security police escorted them to Egypt after questioning. *snip*
Do you find yourself sighing and shaking your head when you read.."but could not demonstrate any links to Islamist terrorist organizations"? I do, what will it take precisely before we (The West) stop F'ing around and actually acknowledge the war being waged against us. I will not even begin to accept we're fighting a war on terror until situations like these are resolved with deadly force. They seek to kill us, we trundle them home safe and sound to try again, pretty much the definition of insanity.

Think of the message sent to Jihadi's if instead of receiving their comrades back home safe and sound they got three coffins. Not that's a message I could get behind.

And of course this is hardly an isolated incidence...
This is the second time in recent weeks that Norway is linked to terrorism in the Czech Republic. In the end of September Czech authorities significantly increased security measures around Prague's Jewish memorials after receiving a tip from Norway, a few days after Norway's Police Security Service (PST) revealed alleged terrorist plans against the US and Israeli embassies in Oslo.
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