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Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Immigrants" Don't Use Social Services?

Source: The Norman Transcript
At an Oklahoma legislative hearing on Tuesday, a state human services employee testified that his agency is routinely suppressing reports of illegal aliens applying for welfare benefits. He was fired for informing an illegal alien that reports on illegal status were required. His agency said this was intimidating to benefit applicants. On appeal, the employee was reinstated. Also at the hearing, FAIR testified that the state should conclude a cooperative agreement with the Homeland Security Department, enact measures to turn off the job magnet for illegal aliens, and rescind in-state university tuition and financial aid to illegal aliens. Concurrently, local activists demonstrated at the state capitol for measures to crack down on illegal immigration.
When the policy is 'don't ask -- don't tell', don't insult my intelligence by suggesting we have any idea how many illegals utilize these benefits.


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