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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blog Reax Round Up To The "Secure Fence Act" Signing

Barking moonbat early warning system sez...

OK. Dubya signed the bill into law today. Now what are we going to do? What we’re going to do is keep an eye on the bastards in Washington and see if they really follow through with a decent fence. If they don’t, I’m considering resurrecting the Bull Moose party and throwing ALL of them bums out. Help me out here. Keep an eye on them and let’s all stay on their back. Otherwise, we might as well just give the country away and learn to speak Spanish ... No Habla ....

Scared Monkeys sez...

It is about time someone does something, even though it is far to little with the threat at hand. A note to all politicians, this best not be window dressing. Nor should this be the end.

Texas Fred sez...

Build the fence, let Mexico complain to the U.N. then ignore BOTH of em, build it, man it, ARM it and SHOOT anything crossing the border at anything OTHER than a LEGAL border crossing…

Hang Right Politics sez...

It’s great that President Bush is signing the border fence bill, eventhough he had to be dragged kicking and screaming. But, remember, this moment was made possible because of the House republicans STRONG stand on the issue. Another great reason why we MUST keep the House and Senate in GOP hands.

Digger sez

This border fence act also looks like it will turn into a joke. Only half of it has been funded. There currently is no appropriations bill for the required funds. Apparently a back room deal has been struck to water down the fence and instead of making it a physical barrier -- as the bill states it is to be double layered -- there is already talk of making all or portions of it a "virtual fence".

Interestingly a lot of the big name blogs have nothing up about this. (Jake)


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