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Friday, October 27, 2006

Republican Amnesty?

Source: NRO
At stake in this election is whether this sentiment will continue to prevail, or whether a Democratic majority in the House — backed by elite opinion — will again take U.S. immigration policy the opposite, more liberal direction. Comprehensive immigration reform already enjoys President's Bush's endorsement and filibuster-proof support in the Senate. Passing an amnesty and guest-worker bill as a companion to the Secure Fence Act would be at the top of Speaker Pelosi's agenda. It's impossible to predict all the consequences of a congressional Democratic majority, but a win for congressional Democrats will clearly be a win for amnesty.

On the issue of immigration, majorities of Republicans in both the Senate and House have sided with their conservative base against not just left-wing civil-rights groups and elite opinion, but also a business lobby accustomed to plenty of cheap labor, Republican-party poobahs, and President Bush. They have withstood withering press criticism and pressure from their deep-pocketed donors. It has been a dispiriting session of Congress, but on this crucial issue, congressional Republicans have acted with courage and commitment. If only on the basis of immigration, they deserve their own amnesty from conservative voters disenchanted by other GOP disappointments and failures.
I concur, no matter what other beefs I may have the House (R)'s have been stalwart on the illegal immigration issue. When Hastert's people suggested the strategy was "No negotiations. No Talking" I knew we were at least still in the game. Come what may I would prefer to send them back and at least have a chance of avoiding another ruinous amnesty. Which is of course favored by the (D)'s and the president.

In fact, the Chicago Minutemen held a protest in front of a restaurant owned by Mr. Hastert's family. MJ and I did not attend. I asked "what more would you have Mr. Hastert do?"

So, if illegal immigration is a key issue for you I ask that you make every effort to send as conservative as possible a congress to serve. It may be our last hope. If it seems I'm changing my tune all I can say is, you play the hand your dealt. I am wildly unhappy with the Republican party, but some of them have done quite well on this issue, fairness compels me to acknowledge that.

My take strategically is that we are playing for time right now. Anything to hold off that amnesty so favored by the elites works to our favor. Hazelton style ordinances are marching across the country and Americans are starting, albeit slowly, to wake up to what's happening to their country. Any time we can buy works in our favor.

H/T Polipundit

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