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Friday, October 27, 2006

More Questions on Border Patrol Case

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Department of Homeland Security officials told congressional leaders last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were "out to shoot Mexicans" the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements.
Yes, that proof would be nice.

Poe and fellow Texas Republicans John Culberson, Kenny Marchant and Michael McCaul met with the OIG officials Sept. 26 in Texas.

Those officials, however, did not provide proof of the agents' supposed confession. Instead, they said they would provide the information after last week's sentencing hearing, according to the congressmen.
Still waiting. And, if they had proof that the agents were "out to shoot Mexicans," why on earth wasn't it introduced at trial?

Poe said it is unclear what type of evidence the OIG will provide against the agents, and wonders why it wasn't used in their trial.
I guess I'm not alone in wondering.

"Being a United States Border Patrol agent is not a license to shoot people," Sutton told reporters. "It is especially not a license to shoot unarmed ... suspects who are running away from you. ... It is not a license to write a report and turn it in which leaves out the fact that you shot an unarmed suspect who was running away from you."

But an Office of Inspector General memorandum obtained by the Daily Bulletin Tuesday contradicts Sutton's claim that Ramos and Compean reported Aldrete-Davila was unarmed.

The memorandum of activity was written April 4, 2005, by Christopher Sanchez, the OIG investigator who questioned Compean about the Feb. 17, 2005, shooting. Sanchez was the same agent who went to Mexico to interview Aldrete-Davila, according to documents obtained by the newspaper. Sanchez brought the smuggler back under protective custody to the United States, where he was given medical care and was granted immunity by the Texas U.S. Attorney's office to testify against the agents.
Hmmmmm. I wonder who might possibly be in a position to help us get to the bottom of the armed/unarmed issue with regards to the illegal drug smuggler who walked away with immunity and is now suing the U.S. government for violating civil rights he doesn't have?

Two of Aldrete-Davila's family members, interviewed by the Daily Bulletin in El Paso last week, said Aldrete-Davila has been smuggling drugs since he was 14 and "wouldn't move drugs unless he had a gun on him," said one.

The family member, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, added that Aldrete-Davila has "been bragging about the money he's going to get in a lawsuit every time we talk to him - but now he's nervous."
Nervous? Well, I don't know why. It's clear that in this country, when it comes to the government looking out for you, you're better off being a drug smuggling, run-from-law-enforcement, possibly gun-toting, citizen-endangering, scarred buttock illegal alien.

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