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Sunday, October 29, 2006


New (to me) blog 'Tail Over Teakettle' does some fine analysis of crime statistics in North Carolina and comes up with this table...

TOT has some other points to make about this, I want to focus on one thing. Is there not a clear escalation here? I'm sure the numbers are rising as the illegal immigrant population rises, but, that is a bad thing, right?

Of course, the shamefully low numbers of deportations are just astounding. 10 in the last three years? Another shining example of the "Deportation Joke."


It has come to my attention that these statistics are for Fulton County Georgia. For some reason my eyes did like Lucy in the Peanuts with Russian names and substituted NC every time I saw GA. Sorry about that, did I mention we went to a Halloween party last night? This update brought to by the fine folks @ the hat tip. Thanks Darnell!

H/T The Independent Conservative

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