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Monday, October 30, 2006

Just The Threat Of Enforcement Works!

Coupla headlines off the wires...
New Georgia immigration law to trigger mass exodus of illegal immigrants

As the year 2006 slowly moves towards oblivion, there are increasing signs that thousands of illegal immigrants residing in Georgia will have to relocate from the state to avoid encountering what most described as the toughest immigration law due to go into effect in June of 2007.

For the past two months, this website has been conducting its own independent survey to determine the reaction of illegal immigrants to sweeping new immigration laws signed by the governor of Georgia, Sunny Perdue. It turns out that 3 out of every 5 illegal immigrants have expressed outraged over the new law called the Security and Immigration Compliance Act. Most of them told our pollster of their plans to leave the state for a much easier life in states where the immigration law is more flexible.

The new law, passed a few months ago by the Georgia state legislature, will make it harder for illegal immigrants to get access to social services and will punish companies that hire undocumented workers. It requires anyone applying for state aid to first be verified that they are in the state legally and employers with state contracts are being held accountable as well. Those who do not verify immigration status before hiring anyone will be sanctioned, according to the new law. Police are also required to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in Georgia. In the past, they were not required to verify that a detained individual was in the state of Georgia legally.
Hispanics flee Pennsylvania town in advance of nearing crackdown on illegal immigrants

HAZLETON, Pa. Elvis Soto's variety store on Wyoming Street used to make money. But few customers have been walking through his door of late, and his merchandise — calling cards, cell phones, car stereos, clothing — is collecting dust on the shelves.

With bills mounting, Soto might have to take another job to stay afloat financially, and maybe even shutter his store.

This small hillside city in northeastern Pennsylvania has yet to enforce a tough, first-of-its-kind law targeting illegal immigrants, but evidence suggests that many Hispanics — illegal or otherwise — have already left. That has hobbled the city's Hispanic business district, where shops that flourished only six months ago have either closed or are struggling to stay open.
Well, I'll be dipped in bovine waste materials. It appears that the merest threat of enforcement works so well that ALL ILLEGALS (if the lying ass msm is to be believed) will have fled those areas pursuing a sane enforcement strategy against illegal immigration. So clearly enforcement doesn't work, I think that's the only conclusion one can draw from these articles.

Coupla' things before I get back to my research...
"Before, (Hazleton) was a nice place," said Soto, 27, who came to the United States from the Dominican Republic a decade ago. "Now, we have a war against us. I am legal but I feel the pressure also."
This paragraph shows how absolutely vital it is for us to have some sort of IQ test for prospective immgrants. I do not see how we can remain a powerful & sovereign nation with idiots like this guy running around and making us all dumber for having read this tripe.

And of course this...
It turns out that 3 out of every 5 illegal immigrants have expressed outraged over the new law called the Security and Immigration Compliance Act.
Criminals expressing outrage over being called criminals? Why, when will wonders cease? I need to check something here, hold tight for a minute...(sound of cats being juggled, computers clicking away in idiot savant genius, random screams, and oddly, the sound of an industrial grinder)

I'm back, sorry about that. Yeah, turns out I don't give a furry rats ass how criminals "feel" about laws targeting them, must be a small part of the pure, unadulterated evil that consumes me.

Have a nice day.

H/T dusty inman

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