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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just A Little Honesty!

Source: dailymail
So where do we put them now? After yesterday's riots forced the evacuation of parts of Britain's biggest detention centre, some 150 illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers will have to be housed elsewhere.

But where? On the very day of the riots, the number of prisoners held in jails and police cells in England and Wales topped 80,000 for the first time. There are now only 317 places left - and they are needed for our swelling numbers of criminals.

The Government's solution?

With typical bluster, the Home Office assures us not a single detainee at the Harmondsworth centre will be allowed to walk free.

So, unbelievably, the order has been given instead to release 150 illegal immigrants from other centres, trusting them to give themselves up when the time comes for their deportation. And what's the likelihood of that?

Consider the Government's record. As the Mail has repeatedly warned, the influx of migrants from Eastern Europe, while bringing some economic advantage, is putting huge strain on public services.

Just how much strain, nobody knows - least of all the Home Secretary or the Governor of the Bank of England, who angrily complains that he can't do his economic sums without knowing how many immigrants there are in Britain.

Yesterday John Reid admitted that no 'systemic' study had been carried out to measure the social costs of immigration. What's more, there are no plans for one.
It's like looking in a national mirror! And would you care to take a wager that they DO know exactly what the cost is and are scared spitless to admit that staggering figure to the taxpaying public? Just like here.


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