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Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Source: crackersquire
Anonymous said...

Dont hate la raza because most of us are hard working people. Without or Mexican labor, this country wouldnt be shit. so give us a driver licence, we need it.

you bunch of haters.

1:00 AM
It's an awfully good argument, 'without or Mexican labor, this country wouldn't be shit.' Wow, who knew that the key to the very existence of America was Mexican labor, this is really quite amazing. And of course when you hear talk like this you can't help but note the high regard this puling sack of illegal crap holds this country in.

As to "haters?" Why yes, I do hate those who, in complete defiance of our laws trample their way into this country and over her rightful citizens, if that makes me a "hater" I find I'm mighty comfortable with that. Especially when they begin demanding things they have absolutely no right to demand.

I love when these folks speak, it makes my deeply held dream of mass deportations more and more likely. Keep talking guys, I for one appreciate it.

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