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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Source: wsoctv
Washington -- The Bush Administration has indicated it wants doctors, clinics, and hospitals to provide flu immunizations to illegal immigrants.

In an interview with WSOC-TV, Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt was asked if the federal government has any safeguards to prevent illegal immigrants from catching the flu. Leavitt responded by saying doctors should give flu shots to 'every person'. Secretary Leavitt said, 'Most health departments in the country will provide a vaccination for anyone. Our purpose is to vaccinate every person who wants a flu vaccine – we're hoping to increase the numbers of those who want to have the flu vaccination.'

Leavitt’s public statement has drawn harsh reaction today from critics of the Administration’s immigration policy. 'On its face, it’s going to strike a majority of Americans as an outrage, because this is a population that’s here without the sanctioning of the U.S. government,' said John Keeley, spokesman for the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies. 'It’s now Bush Administration policy, and a directive to healthcare providers, to administer flu shots (to illegal immigrants).'

Leavitt said the U.S. government is also asking the Mexican government to step up its efforts to immunize Mexican citizens who might cross the border. 'We’re working with our neighbors across the border,' Leavitt said, 'to do the same thing that we’re doing.'
Yeah, I'm comforted, really. Hey powerful Washington folk? Perhaps while we immunize against the flu we might do something about, oh, I don't know...Chagas, drug resistant TB, Hepatitis, and of course everybodies favorite, leprosy!

But we'll be immunizing against flu, so there's that!

Or wait, here's a nutty thought, what if we stopped people from crossing the border illegally? I know, I know, it's crazy talk. But instead of allowing these folks to stroll across the border, with absolutely no health screening, we could, you know, enforce our border?

You know, I think that idea is so crazy it just might work!

It's funny you know, I keep hearing about what an amazing trading partner Mexico is, you almost think we might have some sway with them. Something like, "If you don't stop these people from crossing the border illegally you won't see another dime in trade from North of the border!"

And were we an actual country as opposed to an economy masquerading as a country we would probably do that, if we were a country, which we're not.

H/T Bad-ass Ev

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