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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Good Guys!

It seems altogether rare to post a good news story on the subject of illegal immigration, but this definitely falls in that category. From the wehirealiens site we find this...
“I just wanted to let you know that we found out we were on this website and investigated what had been reported. I am a new owner of this business and was not aware of the hiring practices that had been going on. We took over this businesss in January of this year. In my finds I had found that we did have illegal aliens working at our restaurant. I let go 20 employees within one work day due to illigitimate papers.”
–Chad Head, Corky’s BBQ, Brentwood, TN
I've already called and expressed my support to the somewhat amazed hostess. Mr. Head was not in today but I will attempt to get a hold of him tomorrow and find out how exactly he will manage to keep his doors open without illegal immigrants. Because, you know, without illegal immigrants we will be living in stone huts and eating bugs, no, really!

H/T Dusty Inman

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