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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"White Sh*tbags?"

Source: dailyevergreen
A 24-foot chain-link fence placed on the Glenn Terrell Mall on Nov. 2 by the WSU College Republicans has become something of a battleground in recent days.

Another assistant professor from the CES department, John Streamas, was reported as calling College Republicans members “white shitbags,” though it was not recorded on video. According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Streamas admitted to using the phrase, but said it needed to be taken in the proper context.

“It was a dramatic demonstration to show people what the government wants to do,” said Kiley Smith, president of the College Republicans and a senior business major. “We were holding a positive demonstration.” Many students and faculty believed the demonstration was a negative attack against immigrants. “It made me angry,” Streamas said. “The fence is no different than a Confederate flag or a swastika.
As MJ has asked repeatedly who is it that keeps making this a racial issue?

The Ace @ Polipundit sez..."Ah yes, because wanting to fence a border is the same as wanting to put Jews in ovens?"

A report into the incident said:
…the use of such language by a WSU professor, especially as with students as occurred in this case, is immature, intellectual unsophistiated and thoughtless conduct unbecoming any WSU employee and a member of the WSU faculty, in particular.”
Ah, institutions of higher drinking, is there anything they can't do? (other than teach, of course)

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