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Thursday, December 28, 2006

When Liberals Talk....


Shhhh, let's listen in...
Militia no immigration cure

The Georgia organizer talks about how nonviolent Minutemen are, how they must submit to background checks and how they would be automatically kicked out if they ever drew their weapons.

On the other hand, when real estate investor Todd Walker set about organizing the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Georgia, he and his wife started with a booth at the Eastman Gun Show in Gainesville, where they recruited 13 of the 25 members they needed to start a state chapter of the MCDC. The choice of venue is suggestive.
Yes Mr. Liberal Ninny Pants Editor, it is. Let's take a closer look at what we're actually talking about here...

Legal American citizens availing themselves of a constitutional right in a perfectly legal fashion. You know what? When I frame the issue that way even I'm scared! NOT!

I can tell you why the Minutemen recruit at gun shows, you wanna know why? It's not a deep dark secret...BECAUSE PEOPLE THAT GO TO GUN SHOWS ARE OFTEN PATRIOTIC AMERICANS!!

Or, in liberal parlance, freaks.

That will be all, you can go about your business now.

PS -- MJ has taken to flashing her FOID card as ID here in the city, it's like a ninny liberal pants detector!

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