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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fingers Crossed!

Chicago church housing illegal immigrant mom fears raid imminent

CHICAGO - Members of a storefront church said Wednesday they fear U.S. authorities plan to raid their building and arrest an illegal immigrant who has taken refuge there. Adalberto United Methodist Church has sheltered Elvira Arellano and her 8-year-old son, Saul, since August. Arellano sought sanctuary at the West Side church after she was ordered deported, saying she didn't want to be separated from her son, a U.S. citizen. The Rev. Walter Coleman said neighborhood residents reported seeing U.S. marshals taking photos of the church Tuesday night. But Mark Gregoline, deputy U.S. marshal for northern Illinois, said Wednesday that his agency is not involved in the case. Phone and e-mail messages left after hours Wednesday for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman were not immediately returned. Officials at the agency have said there is nothing to prevent them from arresting Arellano.
Yes Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus! (or will this be a lump of coal?)

PS-If anybody hears anything breaking on this shoot me an email soonest. We live about six minutes from there and I will fly like the wind to get that sweet footage of Mrs. Perfidy being dragged from the church.


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