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Friday, December 15, 2006

Elvira Grants Herself an Extension

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Elvira Arellano, the 31-year-old illegal immigrant who claimed sanctuary in a Northwest Side church to avoid deportation, marks her fourth month of protest today.

"I'm here," said Arellano, speaking in Spanish, "and here I'll stay until the government reforms laws that tear families apart."
Every day that ICE does not do their job they are, in essence, allowing Elvira to grant herself an extension to avoid deportation. She was convicted over three years ago. It's well past time that they go into the church and shag her ass back to Mexico. Their ineffectiveness and lack of communication are embarassing. And they're not doing what we -- American taxpayers -- are paying them to do.

As far as the "laws that tear families apart" are concerned, they don't. People like you do, Elvira. If you hadn't come illegally -- TWICE -- and committed a felony (Social Security fraud), you wouldn't be in this position. And neither would Saul. I don't know how you can sleep at night, the way you've treated your son, and the desperate way you try to place the blame on America. It's bullshit, and you know it.

If you had a shred of honor, and if you really cared about your son, you'd do the right thing: you'd submit to the lawful deportation order that stands against you, and return to Mexico with Saul. When he's 18 he can come back if he wants to, as a U.S. citizen. In so doing you'd actually teach your son a little something about taking responsibility for your actions, instead of demanding rights and expecting special treatment for breaking the law.

"I'm very positive," Arellano said, "and I pray to God I won't be deported.''
You go ahead and pray that you won't be deported. I'm praying that justice is served, and that Saul grows into an honorable, responsible, giving man...despite your vigorous and selfish efforts to prevent it.

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