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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reasdn #4,657,902 Why The Left Cannot Be Trusted To Run Any Country

Source: Whiny ass bitch in the Examiner

Alleged American Jeralyn Merrit, of TalkLeft blog, writes in the Examiner that she's ashamed to be an American (shocker!). The alleged reason, as if a leftist would need a reason to be ashamed of America?

Because we enforced, half-heartedly and rather pointlessly, our immgration laws. She writes...
Tuesday’s immmigration raids made me recoil in horror. (other things that make Jeralyn 'recoil in horror -- American flags; proper hygiene and patriotism -- ed) *snip*

These employees are hard-working residents of our communities. Social security, federal, state and local income and unemployment taxes are withheld from their paychecks, whether they are in this country with or without proper documentation. *snip*
She then goes on to quote Emma Lazarus nation-killing poem (winner of a magazine contest!!) before continuing...
Once residing in this country, our immigrant workers are entitled to recognition and the right to living wages, safe working conditions and other worker protections. ( note the carefully misplaced illegal - ed.) *snip*
She then goes on to shill for the complete removal of our borders and semblance of this being an actual nation. I believe in her twisted reality her vision of America is a delightful cross between a bus stop and a men's locker room, preferably one that reeks of really bad BO.

Now for some lovely hysteria...
I am ashamed of the United States today. These raids remind me of World War II when the Japanese were rounded up and put into interment camps. The policy is no more acceptable today than it was then.
Ah, Jeralyn, the Japanese were what? (insert Jeopardy theme music)

Citizens you ignorant wench!

But wait there's more! Throw a bucket of freezing cold lake water over a sleeping Liberal and they will awake gasping what companies name?
I cannot accept a government that rounds people up on buses and takes them to undisclosed locations. Who is a winner here? With the exception of companies like Halliburton with federal contracts to build detention centers, I can’t think of any.
To recap: Dearest Jeralyn is upset because this feckless government, which has allowed the problem to spiral out of control to epic proportions, had the temerity to run another purposefully ill timed raid in an attempt to garner sympathy for the illegal aliens and dear Jeralyn sees this as the height of jack booted thuggery?

Shall we send the dear illegal aliens crotched deportation notices served with butterscotch Biscotti's? On linen? Would that be civilized enough for you dearest Jeralyn?

Reality based? Uh, sure. To the sane lefties out there, I know...two. With people like this as your standard bearer you will be going back to wander in the wilderness sooner rather than later.

Good debate going on at TalkLeft on this in comments.

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