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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"But Who WIll Do The Work?"

Source: greeley trib

First off, kudos to the Greeley Tribune for doing what a newspaper is supposed to do -- tell the story, the whole story, and they've done a tremendous job here. These articles are fair to both sides ( a little sweetened to the invaders but I can live with that) It's all we ask.

Now, the title of this post is the question that those who look at the illegal immigration issue as primarily an economic one wail whenever a raid occurs.

Captain Ed from earlier..."With unemployment running around 4.4%, Swift will probably not get
enough workers to replace the ones they lost today in the near future.

Well this gentleman needs to be heard...
A few people, however, were hoping for a future
job. Francisco Contreras was born in Mexico but is a now a legal
resident and has lived in Greeley almost 30 years.

"ICE is doing the right thing by coming here," he
said. "Because I've been four years struggling to get a job here, and
they didn't hire me. They hire the ones that have phony papers."

How many more are there out there like this gentleman? How many more legal citizens cannot get the jobs they are hoping for because they aren't an illegal alien? How twisted is it that a legal alien is being passed over for these jobs in favor of illegal aliens?

How many more? I don't know for sure, but I'll wager it's a lot!

In fact, what if meatcutting became a decent job again? It used to be you know, in fact these were prime blue collar jobs. Fought over and handed down within families.

Back when you used to pay a million dollars for a steak, you remember that right? That would be the mid-eighties and earlier, before large operators like Swift used illegal immigration to decimate these jobs.

But you do recall paying a million dollars for a steak, right? Back in the eighties? No? Oddly, neither do I, yet we are somehow supposed to believe that if meatpacking jobs were returned to being good, well paying blue collar jobs that steaks would cost a million dollars apiece, no? Isn't that one of the fundamental arguments for illegal immigration?

Yet all you need to do to show the ridiculousness of this argument is remember back to the mid eighties. I'll wager most folks who read this blog remember those halcyon days, when steaks cost a million dollars apiece?

Ah, those were the days!

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